FSDG: LGTS & LGIR Upgraded To v2.1

FSX/P3D. I just completed a flight from Graz to Corfu and it just freaking amazes me just how far flight simulation has come. I was chatting with a friend on Teamspeak and we were going on about how great FS98 was and how much all those little pixels meant to us. We don't see the pixels anymore. Now we see breathtaking vistas, beautiful skies, and a word that is becoming so incredible immerse, many of us would rather abandon our real lives just to live there. 2 sceneries that blow my mind every time I land there is Thessaloniki and Heraklion both developed by the guy who brought us Copenhagen, and is bringing us Schiphol.  

This is a simple update that installs animated traffic which is compatible with P3D (all versions). The AESLite system will not be supported from now on, although the option is still there for users who prefer to keep it for FSX. You can get the updated installer simply by visiting your esellerate download accounts and re-download the product's installer. 
If you are unsure on how to visit your download history, then please see this helpful thread [HERE] 

To install the update please follow the brief guide below:

-Run FSDG Scenery configurator and reset to defaults (from the global settings tab)
-Un-install FSDG-Heraklion v2 or FSDG-Thessaloniki v2
-Run the new v2.1 installers