Tegel Is Alive... And Looking Mighty Good!

FSX/P3D. Show of hands: how many of you Berliners thought this airport would still be the #1 airport in your city in the year 2016? I was damn sure that last version that came from the German airports team all those years ago would be the last we would ever see for flight simulation. Then 29Palms & LimeSim brought Brandenburg and yet, that airport can't seem to get it's act together. So, might as well develop a version of Tegel that is fit for 2016 cause it looks like this airport is going to be around for a loooooooooong time. 

Looking at the full screenshots now, I really must say PadLabs has seriously stepped up the game here qualitywise. But I must ask again, will it have the 3D taxibridge? See the images for yourself and thanks to Amos for the tipoff!