ADX Introducing Mex High Flight.

FSX/P3D. Both a reader and the developer reached out to me this week about this team and latest release. Looks like we have another new player on the field which obviously a very good thing. The more third party developers we have, the better for everyone. Now many of you might recall my introduction of a new development team early last year called MAG Mexico. And like that team, there is promise with Mex High Flight but still a long way to go when it comes to ground poly, texturing methods, lighting, coloration, and object libraries. Using native FSX/P3D objects in a payware project is a no/no. That said, the team does have a few freeware projects across Mexico you can check out but don't expect any terminal closeups in the previews. As for the price for the first pay release, the shot above: $15 bucks. More about Mex High Flight via the source link below.