FranceVFR Paris Airport Pack Vol.1 Released.

FSX/P3D. As many of us are aware, FranceVFR is renowned for their efforts when it comes to replicating the landscapes of France in simulation form. But the buck pretty much stops there. And when it comes to airports, we begin to see the much weaker side of this team. Nonetheless, they deliver much needed airports and airfields no one else is doing. What can I say? And I have to admit, there are a few airfields on this list that I would really like to get my hands on which means I will most likely get it. Or at least I was till I saw that 30 Euro price tag. Nope! I remember they released an aircraft pack many years ago, now that was pretty damn good for it's day. Maybe they should look into that direction again. Either way if this is for you and the price not too steep, you will find it via the source link below.

LFPF: Beynes Thiverval
LFPT: Pontoise Cormeilles en Vexin
LFPX: Chavenay Villepreux
LFPY: Bretigny sur Orge (closed)
LFXU: Les Mureaux

LFFB: Buno Bonnevaux
LFFC Mantes Chérence
LFFQ La Ferte Allais
LFOX: Etampes Mondesir
LFPA: Persian Beaumont

The scenery can be used independently or in addition to Paris-Ile de France Regional VFR thanks to a dedicated installer. It is also compatible with Truelandscape Simulation Data. They also say it is designed to adapt to any type of (Mesh) installed in your simulator. That mean it will work with FTX Open LC EU??