More Developers Are Attending FlightSimCon 2016!

[Events] A2A, Pilots, and Go Flight have joined the ranks of developers attending FlightSimCon 2016 this June 11-12 at the New England Air Museum! Other developers previously announced that are attending include: Orbx, FlightBeam Studios, Dovetail Games, HiFi Simulations, Aerosoft, QualityWings, FSFX Packages, Jetline Systems, PC Pilot Magazine, Sim Innovations, Vatsim, Ivao, and so much more! Too many to list!! A list of seminar speakers have also been compiled who include: Ed Valdez (SkyRoamers), Froogle, Alex Goff (Orbx), Misha Cajic (Orbx), Stephen Hood (Dovetail) Austin Meyer (XPlane) ane more! Who else needs to be there?? YOU!! Never before in history have there been so many developers under one roof. For the complete list of those attending, click the source link below. 

On Sunday, I will be chairing a panel discussion with many of these developers. No doubt, having all these developers on the same panel interacting with you the community is coolness you simply don't want to miss. The list of developers on the panel will be announced soon. During the discussion, we will be taking questions from the audience and these questions are exclusive to ADX readers who are attending. Once the complete list is posted here on ADX, you can submit your questions and you will be given the opportunity to ask your questions live during the panel. Stay tuned for more information.