Introducing The TQ3 & TQ6 From VirtualFly!

[Hardware] You met Yoko, you met Ruddo, now meet the twins! Introducing the TQ3 & TQ6 throttle quadrants from VirtualFly for single and multi engine prop aircraft! Made with full metal construction for high precision, the TQ3 and TQ6 are very reliable and durable for many years of flying and will hold up under the typical wear, tear, and abuse real world throttle quadrants put up with. The main innovation here is the adjustable strength and tension functions allowing you to customize the feel according to your preference. I have been getting quite a few emails from readers wondering when they can get their hands on these and I am happy to announce the release is set for April! I will try to bring them with me to FlightSimCon. For more info about VirtualFly, click the source link below! 

Finally I can stop using the Warthog throttle for prop aircraft. Click and dragging the levers in the VC is a total pain. And those other plastic ones I have been hearing a lot of complaints about. I know y'all want to know the price. Stay tuned!