The MilViz KA350i: Here's What's Up:

FSX/P3D. It's no secret many of you are not pleased to still not have the MilViz KingAir 350i in your hands yet. Especially for those of you who prepaid for the thing. The pre-payers are the most vocal over this both here on ADX and other various forums across the FS community. What they don't seem to understand is they were never guaranteed a release date to begin with and what what they were promised, they got: an early access to the Alpha build and updates as they arrived. The problem with pre-purchasing something, is purchasers tend to allow themselves to have entitled expectations beyond the rules of pre-purchasing any alpha build. And any alpha pre-release of any game will be full of caveats. Star Citizen is the perfect example of this. These programs can take years to deliver.

Strike that, they do take years to deliver. And delivering a perfect true to life Proline system is not some overnight task. Just look at Eaglesoft, PMDG, and Majestic who deliver high end systems aircraft. It takes years in-between releases because the systems are so complex and these developers do not want to deliver some half-cocked airplane. 

Now if waiting years is too much of a pain in the ass, Carenado is the way to go. Because there is no way in hell you are going to get everything you want in an aircraft that had been in development for 6 months. Just no way in hell. Which is why it's so funny to see so many complaining about Carenado. They complain Carenado systems are shit and they complain MilViz is taking too long. Well what do you want? You can't have it both ways. A proper aircraft is going to take years. Period. That's  the trade off. Now at the very least, MilViz was able to get the internal and external visuals pretty damn good and is very much rivaling the Carenado visual standard which sometimes can also be a tradeoff as with FlySimWare: great systems with visuals lacking in the beauty department. 

Now all that said, MilViz obviously at some point was not happy with their progress with the Proline 21 systems integration in the KA350i  and decided to start from scratch. You cant hate them for wanting to deliver a proper aircraft with proper systems. The difference here unlike other developers is the pre-purchase option and you pre-payers will have an advantage: the price is going up for everyone else.  Now we have been waiting for another status update to see just exactly where MV is on this and whereas this doesn't come via Facebook, it is in response to a thread trending on Avsim where some folks are not too happy with the wait. Here is what Colin at MilViz had to say and it surely should put concerns from many folks at bay. Thanks to ADX reader Mark Smith for the tipoff!

"We have shown several videos of our progress in the recent past.  Work is going on full time with two coders working on the KA specifically.  The FMS 3000 is about 80% finished and the graphics for the PL-21 are 100% done.  As well, we have COMPLETELY redone (from scratch) the engine, hydraulic and pressurization systems.  These will be the absolute BEST that we've ever done and more than likely, better than any but the best in the world.
What remains is integrating the FMS, engine control(s) and the associated systems with the PL-21 displays. It's also worth noting that we are doing all three PL-21 aircraft concurrently.  That doesn't mean that we will release them all at the same time but... their systems are more than slightly similar (95%+ in the case of the KA and the Avanti and 80%+ in the case of the Lear 60XR). We have NO intention of stopping the work at any time and even though it's BLEEDING MV to do so, we are paying and paying to get this done and get it done RIGHT.
There are only 400 purchasers of the open product and they will see that they are the lucky ones as we plan on including a "special" gift for them. Plus, the price will rise on release.  Significantly and for good reason. That all said, we are all sorry about the length of time this has taken but writing a full on FMS 3000 and PL-21 and all the other stuff takes a long, long time.  Especially if it's done right. Thanks."  -Colin