MilViz Announces Lear 60XR!

FSX/P3D. And MilViz now throws it's hat into the ring as a biz jet contender. Surely this will go a long way to piss off those who critize MilViz for making more announcements while the 350i and MU2 hang in "limbo".  Now before y'all go beating up on them, to MilViz' defense, even though both those two particular aircraft are the most sought after to arrive from the digital airframer, you do have to admit they have had several top quality releases since those product announcements. Espically that F-100D And F4. No doubt, MilViz has plenty of work lined up for them for the next 2 years or so. I look forward to seeing MilViz at this years FlightSimCon so allow me to hereby call Colin out on the carpet right now in front of thousands of ADX readers and say: you better come out to the convention or else! No doubt this will be a top quality rendition of the Lear. Check out the first renders via the source link below.