FSL Concorde-X v1.32 Update Released!

FSX/P3D. Flight Sim Labs, Ltd. has released the Concorde-X v1.32 for FSX and P3D.
Packed with a variety of improvements and fixes for issues found over its existence in the Flight Simulator Market, the new v1.32 is now compatible with Lockheed Martin’s Prepar3D latest release (v3.2), as well as all editions of Flight Simulator X.The latest v1.32 brings the following changes to improve upon the previous v1.31 and v1.30 releases:
- Support for P3D v3.2
- Fix for save/load flight functionality in P3D
- Improvements to MAX CRUISE (to prevent descending unnecessarily)
- Autothrottle improvements
- Autopilot VOR mode improved
- Autopilot VERT SPEED mode improved
- Autopilot GO AROUND disengagement with HDG HOLD
- ADI FD flag logic corrected
- Yellow Hydraulic LP warning on gear extension now random
- ICOVOL lower rudder indicator fixed
- VFE Aft Trim issue fixed
- Missing 'Alert Height Cat 3' call out fixed
- Glareshield spotlights in VC added
- Engine Idle Switches auto latch to High at 60kts
Customers who have already purchased the Concorde-X in the past 365 days are entitled to a free update through the Flight Sim Labs redownload service area: http://redownloads.flightsimlabs.com