Another Turbo Porter Update.

FSX/P3D. No doubt with the Orbx Tapini release, people want Marcel's Turbo Porter now more than ever. Here is the current status of the project from the developer himself:  

"I am back working on the engine. But only half of the day. The rest of the time I use for other systems. For example the flaps. I had to rework the flaps system to be able to drive those control surfaces between two positions. If for example there is an electricity fault. This meant decoupling of the FSX and the PC-6 flaps systems.
Now there is an actuator driven by electricty moving the flaps. Movement speed can be depending on the voltage. This simulation made it possible to include both version of the electrical flap operation:
#1: The flap lever and flap position indicator have three positions: UP, TO and LD. Flaps will be moved by the actuator to the selected position as long as the control and the motor circuit are powered and there are no faults or damages.
#2: The flap lever has an up and a down position. The flap indicator is a needle showing the actual position. The flaps are moved up or down as long as the flap switch is not centered.
The version can be switched directly in the simulator. I don't know yet if you will be able to change them in the FS config menu or with a config file per aircraft. 
It is easy to also include manual flap system simulation. But as this means to model the crank handle I will not do it now or in near future.
The Katana needed special button or keyboard asignments to operate the flaps. In the Porter you will be able to use standard FSX keybard or button commands."