ImagineSim To Return To Changi Alongside La Guardia!

FSX/P3D. What we have here is a classic sense of good news and even more good news! As we well know, Imaginesim is currently developing the La Guardia airport of the future and not a remake of that monstrosity that sits there now. Additionally, ImagineSim says Singapore's Changi will begin soon as well. Here is what Cal had to say: "Work continues on KLGA LaGuardia, our latest project for FSX and Prepar3D (possibly FS2004). No new pictures to show because the development is still deep in the CAD.

The first KLGA phase to be completed will be a section of the support buildings out to the east, so you can expect some screenshots of those any time soon. Other news, we've collated all the photos and information we have for WSSS Singapore and work can really get going on that project later this month. We've never run two new FSX/P3D projects at the same time before but we're confident that the small team we established during KATL 2016 can handle it. Lastly, thanks for all of your positive feedback about our SODE implementation. We'll be making an announcement about our next SODE update in a week or two."