Russ White To Join Turbulent Designs!

FSX/P3D. Very much unexpected! After his departure from Orbx to begin an adventure of his own with WDS, Russ has also been working with a number of development teams and projects over the last year or so. Today however comes a very exciting announcement. As we all know, Turbulent is made up a team of highly talented guys and ever since the founding year before last, they have been on a rampage. You may remember back in November 2015 when they announced a new member to the team, James Crowther; a talented modeler with a keen interest in aviation and scenery design. He’s become a valuable member of the team and is currently working on wonderful things that you’ll see in the near future.

Now with Russ White on board as full member, the team is now four with Russ Linn and Greg Jones. Many of you will be familiar with Russ’ work, and no doubt we are all in for some serious projects in the future so stay tuned for what those announcements and what exciting projects are inbound. As for those of you waiting on WDS MBS. hang in there, news soon.