Orbx Returns To MEL For v3: Turbulent Goes Big!

FSX/P3D. Turbulent Designs. Just a couple lads trying trying to break a little bread in this industry. Separately, in the past, they have contributed to some really top notch works. Then they joined another team which failed to realize their full potential. Said team dropped the duel from the ranks (big mistake) and so our two heroes had a choice to make. Do they move on to some other industry? Or do they stay, strive on their own and show this community, and the world, they truly belong here.

Stay, they did. Thrive, they did. But succeed? They are! They started off small with their first works after starting Turbulent Designs, Orbx quickly saw the skill and potential and talent and grabbed these guys quick and since then, the projects have been getting bigger and bigger leading up to today's announcement: Melbourne v3!

Now a band of 3, here's what the guys will be doing for MEL: Recreating the entire ground poly from scratch for super crisp imagery at all gates, aprons and taxiways, inclusion of the new Terminal 4 and transport hub, implementation of the new control tower, improving performance by adding new standards & optimization techniques, all new improved PeopleFlow and static objects will also be included as well. Expect simultaneous release for FSX, P3Dv1/2/3 and also a version for FSX:Steam Edition via DTG. There will be an upgrade fee of AU$9.95 (£5.00 US$7.00 €6.50) for all existing owers of YMML V1 or V2. This upgrade offer will only be available for a month after release.

When the first screenshots roll in, ADX will be in the front row as always.