Umberto Clues Us In On What's Up At FSDT!

FSX/P3D. Perhaps I prodded him just a bit. But he spilled the beans nonetheless and it's very informative. FSDT was once known what people would call the top 2 developers. FlyTampa has held their position for what? 10-15 years now? FSDT yielded their position to FlightBeam (and yeah so what? Shoot me for saying that) but now people can't decide who is better. FT or FB? Nonetheless, FSDT has a plan to rejoin the ranks and they have been working hard behind the scenes for the 2016 comeback. Here is what Umberto said a few posts down in the Alta X topic: 

"If the airports we'll release next have a digital clock as recognizable as the one at PHNL were, we'll make sure it will make it in the scenery. It's just not something we ever thought to be something so impressive or exciting that we would list as a main scenery feature, so we never advertised it so much, other than as a passing note when explaining to someone some of the many features of the Couatl scripting engine ( it can handle the whole GSX logic, one can imagine doing a digital clock is something really trivial for it...). I would never expect it would take as much as 6 years for someone else to do the same.

And yes, before you ask (because I KNOW what you are going to ask), we are taking all the time we need for new releases and we haven't released anything (except a continuos stream of GSX minor updates and a continuing support for the new versions of FSX:SE and P3D that came out this year), for the following reasons:

1) KMEM is taking way more time than usual, not because of the scenery being particularly difficult, but just because after the release of P3D V3, with its nice Avatar mode (you seem to like it a lot...), we wanted to do something special that will make it fun to use. So, of course, instead of taking the "quick route", and patch together something, we worked on the Couatl engine to add an entirely new handling of collisions, platforms, etc, to allow the Avatar to interact with the scenery in new ways.

2) We hired several new people to work with us, that are very good 3d modelers, but needed specific training in Flight sim scenery design. This took quite a bit of time away for our main scenery projects, since we had to share our team time between training the new recruits and making actual scenery.

This resulted in a delay of all our current projects but, in the long run, should result in an increased yearly output.

3) We are of course working on the GSX "Next Generation" and several GSX expansions. The first big update will be the integration with SODE, to make it easier to use 3rd party jetways with GSX, and this should hopefully come out together with KMEM, and will of course free to all users ( we are also waiting for the new SODE version to be released). Then, we'll go back to the drawing board for the Next Gen.

Thanks to our wonderful users, that keep buying our products, even the old ones, 2015 has been our best year ever for sales, which means we can afford to take all the time we need to do new products, train new people, and plan for the future."

Umberto Colapicchioni - FSDreamteam