MilViz C130: Helloooooo Juliet!

FSX/P3D. I might not be fully accurate in this post and surely many of you will seek to correct me. Ok let's start. The Airbus A300b4. Yes indeed. This was the first and as it turns out, the last Airbus aircraft to have such an inspiring impact on American commercial aviation. Yes the A380 has had an impact but not one that is inspiring. Boeing abandoned the double decker design twice. Back in the 60's with the original 747 design and again with the MD12 back in the late 90's after it merged with the Mad Dog.

You see, back in the 70's, it was all about 3 holers or four. ETOPS was an unheard of concept back in those days. Lockheed and Douglas Aircraft hedged their bets on aircraft like the L-1011 and DC-10 whereas Boeing was all mighty 747. 

But when the Airbus A300b4 rolled off the production line, jaws dropped. A twin engine wide body airliner? That was unheard of! And indeed, it was inspiring! At least to Boeing. Whereas McDonnell Douglas moved on the MD-11 and Lockheed exiting the commercial market entirely. Boeing set sights on a twin of its own. The 767-200 and over the next nearly 3 decades would morph into the mighty 777-300ER. Whereas Airbus, went into the opposite direction: 4 Engines 4 Long Haul" a concept that would prove, in the long term, inferior to the Boeing twins. 

What the hell does all this banter have to do with the MilViz C-130J? Bare with me I'll get there.

Now ever since the A300 series, Airbus has been playing catch-up or rather, been developing its own aircraft family lines to compete with the American counterparts and at some point, started to focus its attention to one of the most legendary American aircraft, the Lockheed C130. Airbus' response would be the A400M and if successful, would be intended to smash the old ass C130. Sadly for Airbus though, the A400M is plagued with delays and dry orders. The news is out there.That recent fatal crash didn't help either. 

Meanwhile, that old ass grandma we call the C130 is stronger, more powerful, and kicking more ass than ever. For something so old, it's one of the most venerable aircraft of all time and nothing is stopping it. Mighty shoes to fill. The most advanced of the family lineup is the C130-J which is just about as advanced systems and avionics wise as the A400M and MilViz is looking to deliver. 

It's gotta be tough being a brand new aircraft and your most fierce competition is like 30 years older than you. The age when most aircraft are retired. Let's just hope it won't be 30 years before MilViz puts this baby in our hands. Shit, all this C130 talk, time to fire up the Captain Sim version and burn up the skies in P3D! 

MilViz is finally back with the C-130J and even thought it's still in the modeling stages, it is looking mighty good! Still a long road ahead for this project but things are shaping up! Check out the latest!