Statement From Razbam:

FSX/P3D. Brace yourselves. This may not be the best of news for those waiting on that long awaited Brasilia. Razbam announces hiatus on FSX and Prepar3D developments. Here is what the development team had to say:

"Dear followers we are going for a 1 year FSX/P3D Hiatus in order to develop new technologies, mainly directed to flight model implementation and some more.Also, there is a very slim chance we´ll go back to FSX but keep with current times and concentrate in P3D, which allows us a more ample room to play with. Also, all our military aircraft developments will be focused on DCS, while for P3D (and or FSX) will be mainly turbo prop liners or small regional liners.

As for the EMB-120, most work on it is fairly done, but it lacks a reliable flight model, in fact all our new technologies efforts are around this bird and it´s flight model, i couldn´t risk to release a beta with a poor flight model, so news about this bird will be known when we have something solid. This also includes the ATR, and E jets. All our products will go into a very interesting discount price in all known distributors as in our own online store for the duration. Thanks for your support, to the FSX/P3D community, we´ll see you again in 1 year or hopefully before! Best regards"
-Ron Zambrano RAZBAM