Air Manager Now Available For iPad!

[Mobile Apps] Sim Innovations is excited to announce the release of an iPad version of it's revolutionary Air Manager panel software. The app comes with seven pre-made complete panels as well as over 150 individual instruments which can be arranged into panels of your own design. There are free downloadable plugins for X-Plane (Windows, MacOS, and Linux) and FSX/P3D  which will allow a two way connection between your simulator and your iPad instrument panel.  Utilizing the iPad's high resolution, touch screen, display you can make inputs to the sim from your iPad panel using only your fingers. You can press buttons, flip switches and dial knobs... just like in a real aircraft... without using a mouse.

Air Manager for iPad, with it's interactivity, is a perfect companion for your desktop sim whether it's serving as a virtual cockpit panel, displaying a radio stack or Flight Management Computer,or providing realistic and easy touch screen inputs for frequently used controls like the Autopilot Mode Control Panel.

Future free Air Manager updates will include all of the almost 300 instruments now available for the desktop version and will continue to include even more instruments are they are created. To view a brand new review of Air Manager for iPad, by XForce PC's Michael Brown, watch this YouTube Video. Sim Innovations is offering at 25% introductory discount on Air Manager iPad until March 1st, 2016. The discounted price is only € 14,99.  To take advantage visit the Apple App Store or search on your iPad App Store for Air Manager.