Welcome To Bali: A-Flight Has Indeed Returned!

FSX/P3D. A few articles down, I asked "whats next" and A-Flight is quick to answer! I guess they simply had no desire to keep the website going. So the downside is the fans no longer have the ability to communicate with these developers. Or maybe it's just better to utilize the many benefits of Aerosoft's award winning support service instead of having to bother with all that directly. Saves time and allows developers spend more time developing rather than bothering with managing forums. Either way, it's just good to see A-Flight is still here. Any chance we can convince them to update Helsinki? Some big things happening over there. Let's just cross our fingers and hope. In the mean time, the team has set sail to Indonesia's Bali which is THE place to party in  the region and a magnificent approach for pilots. Here are the beginnings and I look forward to cheering it to completion! Check out these first shots! Thanks to ADX reader Michael Holzberg for the tipoff!