Air Rietveld Is Now Sim Innovations!

[Utilities] Be sure to read the ADX review of this product [HERE] Sim Innovations announces the release of version 2.1.1 of it's game changing flight simulator panel creation software. With version 2.1.1 you can now interface with FSX/P3D custom aircraft just as you already could with standard FSX and X-Plane aircraft types. Interactivity between 2-D instrument panels and custom aircraft takes place directly without the added layer of FSUIPC and confusing offsets.

Air Manager allows you to fly using  life-like, interactive,  2-D instrument panels that can be run on a networked computer or tablet to greatly enhance the realism of your simulator experience. If used with a touch screen device, this allows you to conduct your flights just like in a real airplane, without relying on the use if a mouse and keyboard. The program allows for easy one click download from hundreds of free instruments available which you can use as is or modify for your unique project. See [THIS VIDEO] & [THIS VIDEO] 

ir Manager also allows for easy creation of your own custom instruments using only your imagination and its' simple authoring tools.  Air Manager is runs on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux computers and works with X-Plane, FSX, and P3D. Air Manager Home Edition sells for 28€  which includes unlimited free instrument downloads.To learn more about Air Manager, or to purchase, visit the Sim Innovations website via the source link below.

Additional note: The team is planning to exhibit at this years FlightSimCon. More information soon.