Here's The Latest Tech Orbx Is Cooking Up...


FSX/P3D. Earlier this month, John shared the status of openLC North America and some new tech the team is developing. As we all know FTX Central requires you to manually select the area of the world in which you want to fly in, such as Europe, Oceania, North America etc.  According to John, the team will shortly begin testing a completely new approach that will completely remove the need to ever switch worldwide regions in FTX Central ever again yielding to a huge breakthrough in flexibility of all Orbx FTX Regions and FTX Global working seamlessly together. In short, goodbye Hybrid Mode and switching regions. Once this tech is rolled out, Orbx will then resume production on OpenLC USA/Mexico/Caribbean regions which is expected to reach beta sometime next month. 

 Now John's statement is quite a bit more extensive the summary above, be sure to see the full statement via the source link below. Thanks so several readers for the heads up on this one. Be sure to be logged into Orbx via this same browser or the link may not work.