LatinWings Announces Aerodrome Requena!

FSX/P3D. Note to all developers: regardless of your native tongue, it's always best practice to include English variants of all product announcements. This allows us news folks to promote you and your products whilst ensuring we don't misunderstand and publish inaccurate information by use of wankie online translator programs. In my best translation here the aerodrome will be packed with many animations, objects and 3D aircraft, people, vegetation typical of the area and its vicinity, everything you need to make the most of this exotic location. The project will be on sale at the end of March. The team is planning some sort of event which you will find via the source link below. Be ready to translate. 

As for my thoughts on this project, this team is really upping the anti on quality and I must say I am very impressed with what I see thus far. Nicely done LatinWings!