More Thoughts On DTFS...

DFS. No doubt there is a lot of speculation and conjecture surrounding the recent announcement from Dovetail Games and the two new simulators they are bringing to market this year. Indeed I have my own opinions and they are strong but I am holding off till I actually have it in my hands. Where I am most curious however, is what the current development community thinks about the direction of Dovetail and this new platform. There will indeed be many restrictions on releasing addons through this platform not to mention if successful will essentially cut out third party webshops such as Aerosoft, Simmarket, PCAviatior, The FlightSimStore, and the like. In essance, developers will not have the freedom to sell directly to their consumers nor will they have the freedom to choose where they want their products sold. 

On top of all that, I have just learned that copyright and trademarks can not be included in products uploaded to steam. So that CocaCola machine, FedEx Truck, Delta 757 AI / static model, (you get the point) can not be uploaded through Steam which seems to me will put another strain on developers. Can they even put the "Piper" or "Cessna" logo on the aircraft if they do not own the license from those airframers? I admit, I this is all new to me and I am sure plenty will correct me if i am understanding this all wrong. 

Additionally, how will freeware work? And will it work at all? In the end, I am quite sure this is not going to be the "replacement" for FSX but simply another alternative platform like say, XPlane. We have finally heard from one developer: CEO John Venema. Here is what he had to say earlier today in responses to the conjecture currently taking place via the Orbx forums. 

"Couple of things... because conjecture irritates me!
Flight School is what it is, no discussion is needed about it really, since we are not the target market for it. I wish DTG lots of success with it because it will bring new simmers into our community at long last. It is logical that Orbx, REX, A2A etc and some other developers who have already sold DLC for FSX:SE are going to be involved with DGFS

  • DTG have not announced an open SDK, and I doubt that they will, nor will there be a freeware community springing up around the sim
  • Backward compatibility is neither assured or announced by DTG nor desired by Orbx; we WANT it to be broken so we can start to exploit new technology, finally. It's been too long since we began hacking an old 2006 engine
  • You will likely have to purchase all your favorite addons again for DGFS; deal with it, it's going to cost developers a bunch of money to move them across.
  • It will take quite some time for developers to port their content across, even with access to an early beta."

I look forward to hearing the opinions of more developers in the coming weeks / months.