Two New Sim Platforms: Dovetail Reveals Plans.

DTS. s reported here some time ago, Dovetail Games had acquired the rights from Microsoft to launch FSX Steam Edition as well as develop and publish new simulation titles utilizing Microsoft’s flight simulation technology. Today Dovetail has announced it's plans that go beyond FSX Steam stating that they will launch two brand new flight simulators in 2016.

"Flight School" the first title platform will be the first to arrive and is set for release in April 2016. According to the development company, Flight School is a carefully crafted and rewarding experience designed to teach would-be pilots the basics of flying a light aircraft as well as the essential premises of flight simulation. It will offer newcomers to flight simulation an engaging and accessible introduction to aviation, while also being highly realistic and authentic. The entire world via free flight mode will also be in included. 

Then comes the full fledged "Dovetail Games Flight Simulator" which is intended to be for all intense and purposes to be FS11 or the next true successor to FSX. This is scheduled for launch in the latter part of the year. I am very interested and excited to see how this simulator will look and feel. This sim is the world of DLC which no doubt will be a major consideration in the way both the consumer and third party development communities are accustomed to. But first things first. Let's wait till April and see just what promise this new platform has to offer. More information via the source link below. We have FSX, P3D, XPL, AFS, DCS, and soon DTS. Stay tuned!