FlightBeam Development Status Update:

FSX/P3D. FlightBeam is quite likely the most watched mega airport development team right now given it's plans for both MSP and Frankfurt. Unfortunately, according to the team yesterday, the Frankfurt project is delayed for an indefinite amount of time due to being denied access to EDDF. Airport officials can downright be complete assholes and sorry but yes. Freaking assholes as Misha and I dealt with the past couple days. In the end, they didn't stop us but they sure as hell tried and slowed us down in the process. Sadly, FlightBeam has had an even more difficult time with Frankfurt airport officials who they say have flat out denied access to the airport and are offering zero cooperation. This comes as a shock to be because I thought European airports were more open about things like this as opposed to things on American side of the pond. 

Mir goes on to add that FlightBeam production quality for high end airports require him to visit airport onsite, and believe it or not, they have been very successful in cooperating officially with most American airports. Mir states he is still communicating with some Frankfurt airport employees who are helping to acquire imagery. This method is not ideal, and depending on the results, the fate of the production of the airport will be decided. Sorry, but I hate to deliver bad news... 

On the other hand, MSP is flourishing. With production rolling along very quickly. We can expect the first set of previews to roll in around spring time. FlightBeam would also like your feedback on what products you’d like to see after KMSP. After all, KMSP and our other projects were chosen based on your feedback! Please visit the FlightBeam website via the source link below for the full statement and thanks to several of you for the emails and tips over the last couple days.