Airline2Sim's PMDG 777 Training Program Is Close!!

[Training Programs] And I really have to be honest, after watching the preview myself, I am totally pumped for this. Not only will this be am amazing training program that will be much easier to follow than others out there, it's really a hands on roller-coaster ride. So let's say you are one of those hardcore FS pro pilots. Is this program really for you? The answer is yes for at least 3 reasons I can think of and that's 1. because I am willing to bet money they will still expose something you didn't previously know even if it's just one thing. 2. It's taught by a REAL hardcore pilot who flew the REAL aircraft in REAL life. And 3. Because it will be entertaining as hell to watch! 

For the rest of us, let's prepare to learn in the funnest way possible! We are standing by! Enjoy!