ADX Exclusive: FlyTampa Schiphol Amsterdam!

FSX/P3D. It's without a doubt my favourite mega airport in the whole of Europe. I remember the first time I arrived at EHAM. I was on a Swiss Avro RJ from Zurich. The weather was sunny and bright and the lunch full of Swiss crackers, meats, and cheeses. (I was lucky to get the business upgrade on that flight) It was my first time on an Avro RJ and sadly my last as they are all disappearing. Anyhoo, it was a nice smooth flight up until we entered Belgium airspace and the further we flew, the darker and bumpier things got. Awesome!

We got stuck into a 30 minute holding pattern as it was hell on the ground @ EHAM and as the weather was rapidly changing direction, so were the runways in use. We finally burst out of the cloud ceiling only to find ourselves somewhere over the freaking boondocks nowhere near an airport as much as I could see. Ahhh the old 18R approach! We touched down and then began our road trip across the lovely Dutch countryside till we finally arrived at our gate having passed several spotters snapping their DSLR's at our lovely logojet. Once I arrived home a month later, I quickly set out to find a version for my FS9 and low and behold, Cloud 9 had just released the airport!! Imagine my luck! 

I have been waiting so many years for one of the big dogs to step in and make my Amsterdam but not just make it, truly capture it! And that's exactly what Emilios & friends over at FlyTampa are doing. This long ass stupid post is nothing more than to show just how much I truly adore this airport and how much I WANT IT!! Your full res exclusive is above and I'll update this post with that video from the aforementioned trip I took back in '05. Enjoy and no release dates but I can tell you it's close. Like 2016 close! 

As promised the 2 videos from my first trip to Amsterdam back in 2005. Damn I look young!