QW's 787 Finally (Officially) In Beta!


FSX/P3D. Are we living in the future or the present? Because words can not possibly express my excitement over this. between the TFDi 717, the 777 from A2S's upcoming training, and the QW787, I'll be setting up a little bedroom on one of the hard drive bays of my new Jetline rig because I won't have any time for any other aspects of my life... wait... is my wife reading this? Here's what the QW lads had to say on the 787 finally reaching beta:

"The 787 has entered Beta. A big milestone for sure, but we've got alot of hard work still left. As long as some of you think that we are taking with this project, the bottom line is WE ARE STILL GOING AT IT and still pushing through. We'll get there. Thanks you for your patience and thank you for your interest."

Well done reaching this milestone Quality Wings, we are rooting for you and this beautiful plane! Thanks to ADX reader Mitchel Munoz for the tipoff.