Happy New Year From AirDailyX.net!

I am seeing a lot of Facebook posts from folks out there saying 2016 was an absolute joke. A farce, a circus, and many are perhaps just glad this year is over. Well regardless of how this year went for you that being good, bad, or simply just another dull year, one thing is certain, this was a magnificent year for Flight Simulation and the same goes for ADX. One way to determine growth is to see if the ADX readership is growing and with an increase of 100,000 unique monthly visits over this time last year leading to half a million visits per month, shows interest in the hobby is continuing to grow.

Then we look at our development community who have been doing extremely well and remain committed to us. Additionally we have seen many new developers arrive on the scene as well year over year. But it's not without it's losses too. Loosing the great Vlad Maly and seeing RealAir exit development were two tough blows. But on the positive end, the overall health and well being of the community itself continues to grow, trolls and all.

Looking forward to 2017, next year will be absolutely insane. I have been talking to many developers and publishers behind the scenes and if you knew what I know, your head's would explode. HUGE things are coming in 2017 many of which you all have figured out and much you will learn when the time comes. As always, I look forward to serving you all on behalf of ADX and as ADX has been for over the last 6 years, we will be front and center for you when the news breaks! Enjoy the champagne and fireworks and I will see you next year. Or tomorrow. Whichever comes first!

Long Live Flight Simulation!