Orbx Announces Bilbao!

FSX/P3D. Well this is some interesting news isn't it?? Seems like every time I turn around Orbx is announcing something! And good for us! Next up is Bilbao Spain and not only will that beautiful airport be rendered (I just love the architecture) but so will the entire city. Hey devs, please keep in mind Frank Ghery is one of my most admired and favorite architects so please, please, be sure to include his  Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao. Not only does Frank live just a few miles down the road from me, he also designed my wedding ring! Imagine my face when she presented it to me... I am sure he would be pleased to see his work show up in FS again with his other masterpiece being in Drzewiecki NYC scenery. Bilbao is sure to be another Orbx hit and I simply can not wait to see that airport terminal. Stay tuned! Thanks to my Captain Rafi for the tipoff!