UK2000 MANv2 Due Next Weekish!

FSX/P3D. Not every hot release happens during the Holiday season. Most developers aim for it but many actually aim to be the first out the door for the new year. In the case of UK2000 Manchester v2, I am uncertain if it's the former or latter but either way, hopefully you will have recouped some funds to start the new year of releases. Expected release is not later than Jan 7th and comes with the following enhancements: New 50CM base image, SafeDocks, the old PAPA systems were removed, taxi signs updated, taxi route layout now accurate to latest charts, some buildings and texture remade, ambient shadows to some building. FTX colour set to match and FTXP3D winter variation, Grass,Asphalt and Concrete texture replaced and more!

There will be 50% discount for V1 users. If you have a Playsim version, register it BEFORE 1st January, or you will have to pay full price. More info and screenshots via source link. Thanks to ADX reader Gary G for the tipoff!