iBlueYonder Nantucket Released!

FSX/P3D. Hey where you going? Oh what? Just because we are still in 2016 and Christmas day has passed the releases are done? Nope and if you happen to have any pennies left to scrap together, then I recommend you do so and perhaps consider living on Top Ramen for the next couple weeks because it's time to spend again and what better place to visit than Nantucket? price is $24.95 but for those who previously signed up to the website following FlightSimCon 2015, should get a 20% off discount. That is if I understand that correctly.

Now about the livestream, if all goes well I will stream the scenery live along with Orbx Block Island and the 2 MilViz aircraft at 1900z tomorrow. I have been testing my Rhode Video Mic Pro shotgun mount and so far, I think it will do the job. I'll update you on this with an official announcement later today. For now go grab Nantucket!