Now That The 717 Is Out, Here's The Latest:


FSX/P3D. Release never means finished and no matter how large the beta team is, unseen issues will almost arise once the masses gets their hands on. The point here is not a perfect release but how quickly the developer responds to and implements fixes. When a certain 777 was released, users had to wait damn near a year for the fixes to be applied. With TDFi, the work based on your feedback is already underway. Here's what's going on:

For the first major update, the following show stoppers are on the list:

  • Blue screens of death/nvwgf2um CTD
  • Low performance for some users
  • Various CTDs regarding SID/STAR selection
  • Shared cockpit connectivity/disconnection

Once those are resolved, the team will address the following systems-related issues first:

  • FADEC response time/over-spool
  • Autothrottle response/authority
  • Horrendous autoland/localizer performance

From Collin: Update (11:19PM EST 12/26/2016): I believe I've found a lead on the performance issue. I will be investigating it, implementing it, and testing among the users affected as soon as possible.