Pro&Cons Of UNiGiNE. Hit Me With It:

With P3D prepping to make the jump to hyperspace next year, XPlane11 about to be release, AeroFlyFS2 continuing to make headway, and Dovetail soon to drop some serious news, I have wondered what the potential of UNiGiNE would be adapted as a flight simulation platform. Obviously it can happen as it is an engine after all with various game makers and industry leaders adapting it to their needs. What would be the pros&cons of a UNiGiNE based flight simulator be? Developers and those in the know, hit me with me with it. Because damn it does look MIGHTY amazing! Many readers have been asking me about this and my most common answer is "good question" so now I am openly asking this question. What about it? More details about UNiGiNE via the source link below.