The TFDi 717 Is Released!!!

FSX/P3D. Yes you just read that correctly! TFDi will be releasing the 717 today December 22nd 2016 @ 2300z!! This is amazing news for everyone developers and community alike! Indeed this is one of the best Decembers in record history here on ADX and it's only going to get better. Here's what director Collin Collin Biedenkapp had to say about today's pending release: 

"Folks, First, let me start off by saying this has been an incredible journey. We made a commitment that 2016 would be the year of the 717, and so it shall be. Before I announce the all important date and time, there’s something I’d like to share.

The release for us isn’t the end of the journey. It is a start, in a way. We believe the product we’re going to release will be thorough and enjoyable. That said, like any other product, especially the first release, it will not be perfect. We have developed technology to deliver updates that are smaller, quicker, and easier than they are for any comparable product. There are many things we intend to expand and improve in time. These updates will be provided frequently and free of charge to all customers, naturally, potentially excluding something like support for a new simulator platform or an entirely new expansion to the product.

We are ready to begin the second half of this journey, and at 6:00PM Eastern (2300z) on December 22nd, you will be too.

I’ll leave off with a few pictures of the aircraft at night, as we haven’t shown that off much yet."

The countdown begins!! Thanks to ADX readers Greg Driskel, Mitchel Munoz, & Joshua Weinstein for the tipoff! This post will be updated to reflect release. 

Go Get It!!!