DigitalDesign Leipzig-Halle Incoming!!!


FSX/P3D. That's right folks! Not only are we getting another German airport but we are getting one that I personally think is one of the coolest the country has to offer! From the trains, to the massive cargo apron, to that huge taxi brigde, this is indeed a superior airport to enjoy in flight simulator. Additionally, what's better than this airport is the man developing it and that's the incredible Evgeny Baturin! That's right folks! Just a year ago he shocked us with an incredible Salzburg and now Leipzig! I just love this guy and he is one of my favorite developers too!

Just like with Salzburg, he is planning to release during the holiday season so when I told you there would be unannounced projects incoming that you need to save your money for, now you know I wasn't kidding! We are not giving much information yet but we have some screenshots to get you started with more information to come. Is Santa kicking ass this month or what? Enjoy! Oh and I hope my German was okay...