FSL: Latest Statements On P3D!

FSX/P3D. The FlightSimLabs A320 for FSX was indeed one of the big ticket releases of 2016 but it's the P3D variant that people are really waiting for and wondering how long such a wait may be. Well if it's one thing then team is making clear it's that it won't be long: 

"...let us say that we're hard at work with the P3D version which we anticipate should come out very soon!" and "We're in the final stages of testing for P3D - the foggy weather today in the UK provides a perfect opportunity to show off some of our new lighting effects, specifically designed for use in P3D." 

Well, we will continue to stand by. In the mean time, there is a teaser vid of the aircraft in P3D via FSL's Facebook page. Source link below.