Orbx Block Island State Released!

FSX/P3D. Holy freaking crap people! I bet your wallets are screaming in pain right now and Orbx is doing absolutely nothing to ease the struggle! The rampage of Orbx releases is stampeding right now and Alex Goff is having his turn! It's Block island and now it's yours! I just can't wait to get over there. Thanks to ADX Brazilian Captain Rafael for the tipoff! 

A note on the livestream: This will not commence until Bill Womack releases Nantucket. Once it's out I will do a double feature as soon as possible.

No update on the Amsterdam livestream just yet I am waiting on a new build of the scenery. The next streams will be Gaya Genova and Orbx Sogndal Haukasen. These will come up as soon as my time is free so I may go live at any time on Sunday/Monday. 

Go grab Block island now and congrads to Alex on another release!