Orbx: Paypal & 2017 Roadmap:

FSX/P3D. First off let's address this Paypal issue. Without being able to completely explain the reasons behind the need to suspend paypal payment options, they came under attack without warrant from many including some of their most loyal customers despite being clear the reasons were not attributed to what what they were being accused of. In a nutshell, as a new PayPal merchant, the bank froze all incoming assets in access of 6 figures without a notion of when these funds would be released. Indeed, Orbx does quite well financially not to mention the Christmas rush with sales and new projects. The down side here is Paypal was not offering any timeline to resolve time needed to verify the sales transactions. So meanwhile, the company has no active income to cover operating expenses and payroll and whereas I am sure Orbx has the means to keep the company running, no company has the means to operate like that indefinitely. They are still working to resolve the issue. See John V's full statement [HERE]

Next up is the 2017 roadmap and indeed, going forward Orbx has some HUGE plans for the new year! The quick list of what we can expect is: FTX GER South, a secret Jarrad Marshall's LOWI plus a secret project that I am personally excited about (sorry I cant tell you but ADX will be revealing some cool stuff in due time), Misha with SBA & HAF (I saw shots of Half Moon Bay on his trip to LA earlier in the year, it's looking awesome), Scott's Buildings HD (which we all are dying to get our hands on!).

Maurizio Giorgi's Cote d'azur (he is slaving away on the project), Alex Goff will continue with more New England airports after Block Island, Tim Harris is working on a new solo project for the US, John says he will not be teaming with Ken Hall on this but I hope they do get us more back breaking PNG strips in the future, Ken Hall will be moving on to Germany South and delivering some undisclosed airports, the two Norwegian Kings Tore and Finni are continuing their rampage with more Norway airports which includes BODO!!! TORE!!! I love giving him a hard time. And Andreas Hegi is back on deck! See his current project below: 

After that successful Valdez Pioneer, Marcus Nyberg and Philip Schall are heading to Europe to rampage, and soon to be announced will be several new developers joining the team. Additionally, Orbx has a number of big budget projects some of which ADX will be assisting with and I honestly can't wait to bring to light what some of this stuff is. Some of which I have been preaching for YEARS is finally happening. Orbx will no doubt be super busy for the new year which means ADX will be busy!! So let's get in gear, 2017 is almost here! Full statement via the source link below!