Orbx Hammerfest Released!

FSX/P3D. Jeez Orbx is on a freaking roll this month aren't they? Some of your wallets must be sore as hell as it is and we are not even half way through the holiday season yet! The next destination for Norway has arrived and it's looking splendid! I was hoping that other Norweign airport would be released at around the same time so I could do a double feature livestream but as Hammerfest is out now, might as well get to it asap. The plan is to livestream it today at approx 2200z. I could go live before or after that so be sure to subscribe to ADXLive on Twitch to get alerts of when I go live. For now, hit your Orbx Direct accounts for the scenery! More info via the source link. Thanks to Amos for the tipoff!

Stream Begins @ 1900z!