RealAir: A Bit More Insight & Concern...

Coupled with the official statements via RealAir's website, Robert Young left an additional statement via Avsim yesterday that shed's a bit more light on what the status is with the company itself as it relates to customers & sales. In short, it's not good.

"Hello Everyone, With regret I am sad to announce that RealAir Simulations has closed its doors to new customers. I have been aware for a long time that our loyal customers have been frustrated at the lack of progress on the awaited Piston Duke B60 for P3D and its integration of GTN gauges for both FSX and P3d. Unfortunately there have been personal circumstances for some time which have now escalated to the point where we feel continuing is not viable. I had hoped that we could find a way through, but it is clear that it would be difficult to continue on a level commensurate with our high standards of support and development, and rather than slowly wind down we have decided to shut the business.
Our current customers can be assured of support if they need it, but RealAir will no longer sell products or updates as from today. It is possible in the future that I may work again on occasional projects on a modest level but I have reached retirement age and Sean has coped with a loved one's illness for some time. We feel there is not the scope, for now, to keep RealAir going without harm to the well being and health of all involved..."

There is more to the statement which is not relevant here which you will find via the source link. Now as for what we know, the team is quite staunch with the notion that as of now, if you never purchased a RealAir product, you are basically screwed. As of now, I can not find any RealAir products for sale anywhere. I understand not being able to put in any further efforts with updates etc. but halting sales is the exact equivalent of shutting down Disneyland really. So the next biggest question is for current customers. What will happen for people who will need to reinstall their current aircraft for the future?  

The installers connect on-line servers for verification and if the business is defunct, it goes to note the possibility of these activation servers going offline at some point in the future. If that happens, then everyone is screwed. People are actively expressing this concern and according to Robert earlier today in response: "I have asked Sean to remove the activation/protection function. He is in control of it..." And from Sean: "We will most certainly work to ensure that any product previously bought through us will continue to work and install correctly going into the future." But what if you purchased from another retailer? Well I surely do hope so for current customers. But all this said, I can't help but already feel sorry for those who will never get to experience a RealAir product. They are among the very best FS has to offer. I'll report back once final decisions have been made. In the mean time, current customers will need to contact RealAir directly [HERE] with any issues.