Meet Blue Marble: Your Home In Flight Simulation!

FSX/P3D. No, no, no I know what you are thinking! Black Marble! Nope this is not that! Same developer, similar name, different project. With Black Marble, Chris Bell is looking to change the night environment for the entire planet. But with Blue Marble, Chris has replaced the outdated FSX that's data deeply embedded in Sim’s core and is visable wherever no external scenery is present. This is a direct and seamless replacement to FSX's outdated native high altitude Photoreal imagery worldwide and it's absolutely sick! I wonder where he got the idea to do that?? More info via the source link below but first, see the video above! 

Oh and before I forget! Want a free copy of Blue Marble? All you need to do is register to the Chris Bell forums before Christmas and it's a done deal!