REX Is Up To Some Serious $!-!^+!

FSX/P3D. So far the majority of the folks I have spoken to are really loving the new Worldwide Airports HD. It does have some shortcomings in my opinion such as buildings & hangars too big for some of the smaller airfields but that's something that can be evolved and I know the REX guys still have major plans for this product. On of those plans is to give you even higher detailed accuracy for certain airports. 

If you can recall FSX came with a lot of airports with higher detail like LAX or JFK or LAS to name 3. Well REX is looking to do the same with WAHD and KSLC is first up on deck. Now yes, PacSim is about to deliver SLC but the bigger picture here is the next level REX is going with this project and I for one am quite pleased. See more via the source link and thanks to ADX reader Rick Brown for the tipoff!