Let's Check Back In With I.D.S.

FSX/P3D. Innovative Development Studios the lad's behind Nassau & Sacramento have been busy behind the scenes working on a few projects one of which is announced just a few hours ago via the I.D.S. Facebook page. Here's what the the team is working on currently. 

IDS: Hello everyone! We've been very quiet for the last couple of weeks and want to update all of you who are waiting patiently for our upcoming releases. In addition we want to surprise you with another near finished project.

1. MANCHESTER & BOEING FIELD: Both scenerys are prepared for release and you should be able to fly on those two airports before christmas!

2. NASSAU: We are working on an update for Nassau to solve some bugs reported by you. We do our best to release this update anytime soon but do not have an ETA yet.

3. NEAR FINISHED PROJECT: Attached to this post are few images of a project we've been very quiet about. Newcastle X! Newcastle/EGNT reached beta and shouldn't be too far away. We are working on ensuring a release in 2016! Oh... and there are few more projects to come soon! ;)