Pilots FS Global Ultimate Next Generation: Soon!

FSX/P3D. I have the product, Jordan King has it and we are both extremely impressed with what has been done here. No other mesh product comes even remotely close! So here's what you need to know: Version 1.0 will be released on December 15th 2016 as DeLuxe DVD box set containing 9 doublelayer DVDs. Currently no download is planned due to data size (80GB). Mine came on 3 fully packed bluray discs! Not everyone has a bluray player in their PC hence the DVD's. This is by far the biggest effort ever from Pilots and when you have yours you will know why. The product page is up with more information and screenshots and we should have a trailer out soon. The price, you guessed it, not cheap but a clear game changer! Check out more via the source link.