Let's Check Back In With QualityWings!

FSX/P3D. Here's the drop from the QW Facebook posted today: "All parts of this later stages of development are difficult. Flightdeck and Systems Team members have their hands particularly full as they're getting ripped apart by Development Team pre-beta testing in anticipation of full Beta Testing in a few weeks.

One of the hardest tasks has been taking place over the last 6 weeks: The Users Manual. The challenge is NOT the fact that we have to filter the ridiculous amount of data from the actual aircraft flight manual and telling you how it applies to the QualityWings 787. But it's designing the manual in a manner that a Flight Sim user will actually want to read it and get information as efficiently as possible, knowing full well that many people will never ever read it lol.
Happy Thanksgiving to all those who celebrate!"

I'd say this all sounds rather promising if I do say so myself! Indeed this is the second most anticipated Boeing aircraft currently in development after the TFDi 717... or is the first? The masses are standing by!