Approaching End Of 2016: Verdicts?

FSX/P3D. Direct from the developer:

The current to do list looks like this:
- HGS parts need to be repositioned and resized because we made a change in the model (HGS wasn't correctly aligned and too small).
- VNAV calculation update is being worked on (should be finished very soon)
- DIR/INTC page needs to be adapted to other changes in the FMS
- FIX INFO page needs to be completed
- EICAS messages need to be changed from one sorted list to four unsorted ones.
- Heading bug behaviour when it's out of the visible range
- A couple of flight director issues (including one that causes the aircraft to bank just a little too much... :o)
- EGPWS terrain warnings need to be fixed
- Load/save FMS status with flights
- REX WXR support (AS16 is already included)
- The usual bunch of assorted bugs
- New sound package
"Yes, it is still my plan to have this done and released in 2016, but I rather delay it to 2017 than releasing a piece of junk that's full of bugs. We're really close now, so let's not mess it up by rushing it on the last few meters."

-Hans Hartmann