Turbulent Designs: WDS MBS Back On Deck!

FSX/P3D. Per his departure from Orbx a few years back (wow it's been that long!) legendary developer Russ White set out to start his own development name: White Digital Simulations. When the first previews appeared, people were floored! But then things went silent for a bit and this was due to other FS projects Russ had been developing with other developers under the radar. During this time I have sneaked a few shots out to ADX readers most notably in my A2A Comanche review. Russ then reemerged with the announcement that he would be joining Turbulent Designs (a perfect fit) and the rest is ongoing history. 

Now free to return to his passion project: Michigan's MBS, screenshots are once again emerging with today's official announcement from Russ Linn (the other talented Russ) that the project is progressing and nearing completion. All I have to say is, holy crap Russ White is back and just look at those freaking details! We have missed Russ and the man with the talent is back! Go on, see for yourself! Happy Friday lads!