A2S 777 Cadet Course: Release Date Announced!

[Training Programs] The Boeing 777 is the wide-body that changed aviation and brought long haul on just two engines to the world and only Airline2Sim has a 36-year veteran 777 Captain from a major US airline (not too hard to guess which one) to show you the ropes!

A2S will start by giving us a comprehensive look around the systems of the 777 and some base training out of Kona in Hawaii as Ben & Captain Ashcraft take us straight out onto the line, showing us two of the most challenging short haul operations currently performed by the aircraft in the real world procedures. These flights are around the beautiful Hawaiian islands, dodging low cloud and volcanoes to shoot an ILS onto the shortest runway currently serving 777 operations anywhere in the world.

From there it’s off to shoot the steep and tricky RNAV RWY 27 approach into San Diego, the tricky Quiet Bridge visual into San Francisco that tripped up a real world Asiana Airlines crew, a stormy and heavy departure out of Hong Kong, an ILS CAT III landing and later a go-around at Munich in thick fog, and a few different noise abatement profiles at Doha before showing you how quickly the 777 stops even at its max takeoff weight. And that’s just a taste of the things to come!

The Q400 was just the beginning. Start getting ready boys because you have just a few weeks to prepare. Before it was you either nail it or go home crying to mommy. But now, A2S is here to help you get it right! Hang in there! Ashcroft doesn't look like a guy who screws around does he?