In Case You Didn't Get The Memo: Clarified.

As far as the bandwidth costs to the business is concerned, we'll just have to suck it up and move on. We decided to make our own store and now we have to play with the big boys and understand the costs of doing so. People keep thinking we're this big multi-national company when in fact we're still a relatively small business, and still learning each day - and learning from our mistakes too.
We do appreciate your custom, your loyalty, your enthusiasm, and we 100% know it is your purchase of our products that puts bread on our tables, so thank you for the support and continued growth - without you we wouldn't have come this far. We will never forget that. 
My email blast and announcement topic has caused some some confusion over what has actually been restricted, and this is causing some angst when in fact it's mainly business as usual.
You can still download products freely via FTX Central v3 - we didn't change this.
We have listened to customer feedback and raised the FSS licensed product download limit from one to five downloads using the “manual download” link per day. 
The FlightSim Store wrappers have also been reactivated. If you need to reinstall your Orbx products, you can now use your existing backup files from FSS.
So let me clarify things as best I can.
1. The only thing that has been limited to five (5) downloads per day is the "manual download" function for products that have been transferred from FSS.
That's all. Everything else works normally, like it has since launch day on November 1st. I apologise if this was not made clear in my announcement yesterday.
2. You can still install as many products as you like through FTX Central 3 - no limits, no caps - that has not changed
3. Adrian has re-enabled validation on all your old FSS Wrapper Installers, so you can now use those again.
4. You can backup/restore/move your entire Orbx products in one swift action by copying just two folders from your sim. Nick Cooper explains this in his pinned topic here:

FTX Central 3 has "smarts" built into it - when you move the ORBX folder back into a new sim installation and run FTXCv3, it automatically scans your Orbx addons, adds them to the user interface and sets up the scenery library and copies all custom files for you. Automatically.
5. If you are rebuilding a PC, doing a new install, or moving to P3D - anything that requires the installation of ALL your purchased Orbx products - please just go ahead and do it. It has been working as normal this entire time if you used FTX Central V3 to do the installations.
6. If you are experiencing slow downloads via FTX Central 3 please bear with us. This is something we are continually trying to solve, made more difficult because it only affects a certain percentage of customers. Most people get near their ISP's maximum speed when downloading (I do, most of the Orbx team does, most of the customer beta testers did), but clearly there are a group of customers who are getting poor download speeds. For this we apologise and I can promise you we are still working with our hosting provider to find solutions.
So, to recap:
1. The only thing being restricted are the manual downloads for licenses that you have transferred from FSS – we have raised the limits from 1 download to 5
2. Everything else works through FTX Central as it always did, nothing has changed - try it now if you like
3. Adrian has now re-enabled validation on all your old FSS Wrapper Installers, so you can use those again.
4. You can quickly and easily backup your entire Orbx collection with a simple folder copy
6. FTX Central download speeds are great for most people, bad for some - we're working on it