Here's The Latest Word From Lefteris & FSL!


Hello all, I promised everyone an update "in a couple days". I was being careful, I thought, not to say "soon", as that always turns interesting after awhile and people start looking at their calendars to see what it means :) - I guess "in a couple days" is almost as bad - or worse! - than "soon", so I apologize in advance for those I offended, mistreated, disrespected, abused or otherwise caused irreparable harm for not having posted it sooner.

For the rest of you who might have gotten to know me a little better by now, I'd like to share some happy thoughts on where we are today, as well as what the immediate (and not so immediate) future will bring.

So far... First, a word of thanks!

What an amazing roller coaster of emotions this has been! You have all embraced our product with such love and affection - it's been overwhelming to say the least! Even those who made it their priority to "find bugs and break the A320-X" in an effort to prove they deserved to be on our beta team - even you guys have been nothing but awesome in our everlasting effort to make this the BEST A320 simulation for desktop computers.

Already, we've been getting feedback from reviewers and trade publications that the A320-X breaks barriers and sets new limits on what was previously thought as "impossible to do on a desktop simulation". We want to apologize in advance for making it just a wee bit more difficult than expected to our reviewers to write a thorough review - we are the sole reason their stuff is delayed: Most of our reviewers are saying "we would be doing your product a disservice if we simply churned out a quick two-pager of the most complex and yet most complete Airbus sim there ever existed" - so, again, we ask their readers for a bit more patience as these guys want to take their time, explore and reveal all the fantastic details included in the product.

We've been getting some very strong feedback about how well our systems behave, how accurate they are in simulating the real aircraft and how immersive the environment is. Again, thank you for this - we're very proud for that work so far and can only promise to keep it up!

We've also been getting some bug reports - most are minute and could otherwise be ignored, but we take a look at everything you report, however small and make a note. If we get the time to fix it, we will definitely do that. The couple bigger issues that have been recurring we are already hard at work on. What are these, you ask?

What's next?

Well, as I said, there are a few bigger pain points that you guys have identified. Already, there have been hints in other forum posts about them - the AOC Service, for example, is an area receiving a lot of attention by our developers - Kostas has posted a long-winded note on what works so far and what is planned for our upcoming update, as we've identified some issues that could very well be improved.

Another area that has been receiving attention is the cabin pressurization model, which we identified some issues with, always with your help. We hope that the next release will carry some improvements on this area too (we've posted a few notes about this as well).

There have been several FMGC improvements, while we're working on the missing functionality (which might not necessarily make it into our upcoming interim update, but will certainly make it in Service Pack 1, when that comes).

Another example of what's been worked on further is Flare upon landing - while Flare Law was quite solid in the existing releases, we've identified a couple ways we could make it "solider-er-er?" (is that a word even? LOL), so that's also been in the works.

Some good work has gone into the immersion factor - Andy has already revealed a few hints on this, so I will not speak about Fight Club just yet, suffice it to say, if you thought "sounds" are a very strong selling point for the A320-X, it's become even stronger now!

As with every other release, there are tons of bug fixes, larger and smaller, but not enough to warrant a long description here. Instead, I'd like to move on to:

When is the next update coming? What about the P3D release?

We're planning to have another release for FSX sometime in the next few weeks. The P3D version is also in beta testing, with work on it continuing. What I can tell with certainty is that, because I will be on a small business trip, and because I happen to be coordinating each beta release, there will certainly be no public release in the next couple weeks, until I return anyway (unless Andy can figure out a way to issue new releases from my machine ;)). As such, those of you waiting daily for a P3D release can relax (or you can always get the FSX version now and work with that - the P3D version that will follow will be offered at an upgrade price anyway, so you have nothing to lose there).

As always, I'd like to thank you yet again for your amazing support and trust in our efforts. You've all been wonderful about it!

The team will be continuously monitoring the forums and supporting everyone while I am away, and I will be posting another news update when I return. I hope that LM will not issue any new P3D versions until then, as I'd hate to have you wait for any hot-fixes to bring Spotlights and Concorde-X P3D versions up to date...

Thank you all for reading!